Costco Has A Answer to Walmart's Sam's Club Plan

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Several stores have a Coke, Burger King, or Lowe's to their Pepsi, McDonald's, or Home Depot. If one of these stores opens in a region, its main competitor usually should too.

Not always wise. Borders Books closed because most areas can't support two bookstores. Several big-box sports goods stores wanted to open near Dick's Sporting Goods.

The ride-share/food delivery dilemma. If a market supports Uber or Lyft, DoorDash or UberEats, neither survives.

Equal players lose. Few customers and finances. Warehouse clubs may disagree. Walmart's Sam's Club, Costco. Both have vast footprints yet open near together in many cities.

Since they're fighting for the same client and few individuals join two warehouse clubs, you'd think they'd avoid direct competition.

Costco CFO is unconcerned about Sam's Club's intention to expand warehouses after years. Costco adds new US and international shops every year.

"In the second quarter, we established three net new warehouses, two in the U.S. and one in Australia. Next week, we'll open our third warehouse in China,

with our fourth and fifth China openings anticipated for the fourth quarter," CFO said.

"In fiscal '23, we aim to open 27 warehouses, including three relocations, for a net increase of 24 new warehouses, 14 in the U.S. and 10 in Other International."

"The 10 in 'other' worldwide comprises the three in China and our first Costcos in New Zealand and Sweden, both of which were established during the fiscal first quarter," he said.

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