Costco make changes on its Rotisserie Chicken

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Many Costco shoppers return for the $4.99 rotisserie chicken. When a celebrity chef criticized Costco's cheap chicken meal, Costco consumers slammed him.

Some rotisserie chicken fans are increasingly doubting its flavor. Reddit has a topic concerning chicken's "distinct chemical taste" changing.

"As always, I got rotisserie chicken at Costco today. Its artificial taste was off-putting. Three weeks ago, it occurred again.

There was never an issue previously, been purchasing it for years, has something changed recently?" a redditor said.

Redditors said that their recent rotisserie chickens tasted strange too. One user noted a chemical taste a year ago.

"I detected a chlorine-like flavor. Due of its weird chemical flavor, I quit eating it approximately a year ago. The Albany, Oregon shop is my "their words.

One Redditor worked in one of Costco's rotisserie chicken warehouses and speculated on the taste. They shared:

"We acquire chicken from two sources at my warehouse. One of them sells poor chicken, which my coworkers and I don't enjoy. It cooks poorly and tastes bad, according to reports "Reddit said.

Perhaps Costco roast chickens vary? Costco hasn't addressed customer complaints.

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