Costco & Trader Joe's Recalled Frozen Fruit Over Hepatitis

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As a Walmart supplier pulled possibly tainted yoghurt bars from stores this week, Trader Joe's and Costco buyers are being warned about some frozen fruits.

Today, Trader Joe's reported hepatitis A contamination in their Organic Tropical Fruit Mix. Products bearing "Best By" dates of 4/25/24, 5/12/24, 5/23/24, 5/30/24, and 6/07/24 are being recalled.

Trader Joe's has destroyed all potentially compromised goods and received no illness reports. The frozen fruit combo was suggested to be thrown away or returned for a full refund.

The club's supplier, California Splendor, Inc., is recalling specific lots of frozen fruit "due to an epidemic of hepatitis A diseases," according to an FDA notification (FDA).

Fortunately for most Costco consumers, the recall only relates to 4-lb. containers of frozen strawberries sold at warehouses in Los Angeles, Honolulu, and two San Diego business centres.

The message advised customers not to eat the frozen fruit and to return any shipments to Costco for a refund, even if hepatitis A hasn't been found on it.

The lot number above the "Best If Used By" date on the back of the container might help customers identify recalled frozen strawberries.

Customers who find any of the 13 lot numbers stated in the recall statement, such as 140962-08, may be impacted.

According to the CDC, the hepatitis A virus causes a contagious liver illness (CDC). Fatigue, nausea, stomach discomfort, and jaundice might last two months.

 The recall advised anybody who may have eaten tainted food to consult a doctor or local health agency about getting vaccinated.

Since March, Trader Joe's has recalled two more lots of Wine Country White Chicken Salad with Cranberries & Pecans and Lemon Chicken & Arugula Salad.

The retailer's website has information on these and other recalls.

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