Costco Will Open 11 New Locations in 2023

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Nobody does wholesale like Costco in the United States. Costco has 583 locations in North America and is the unquestioned leader in the warehouse club sector.

Costco said at a recent results conference that it plans to establish 15 new locations in the United States during the current financial year (it began on September 1).

There are now four, and eleven more will be added by 2023.

The next facility will open in late January in Queen Creek, Arizona. The company's fuel pumps will "probably open on/around January 5th, ahead of the real shop opening,"

but the official opening date for the 150,000 square foot facility has yet to be announced. This Costco will have 32 gas stations, up from the typical 16.

In the following months, the members-only store will open two more locations: one in Kyle, Texas, at the northwest corner of I-35 and

Kohlers Crossing, and another in Longmont, Colorado, with 150,000 square feet.

The address is 205 Ken Pratt Boulevard, near Harvest Junction South, and the expected opening date is in around six months.

Costco will open a Second Orleans-area store on Pinnacle Parkway in St. Tammany Parish, near Covington, La. Despite not starting construction

the 160,000-square-foot business is estimated to produce $60 million in sales and property taxes for St. Tammany Parishes over the following decade.

In 2023, Costco will open stores in South London, Ontario, Pudong, China, and Meiwa, Japan, in addition to the US, Canada, and Mexico.

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