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Costco's Deli's New Item Divides the Internet

Costco stores need deli counters. Some of the store's Kirkland Signature prepackaged items are popular, but others aren't.

Since shoppers noticed its new deli fare, the internet has been abuzz. Taste and pricing are dividing buyers over the new Kirkland Signature USDA Choice Beef Stew With Vegetables.

Costco buyers have been debating on subreddit. Some deem the "excellent" dinner choice "expensive" and "not worth it."

Redditors were upset about the pricing of this ready-made family-size dinner at $5.99/lb and $33-$35 a box. "$33 for meat stew? Ripoff," comments one customer.

The price for a ready-to-eat stew looks average, but it takes 6-8 hours in a slow cooker "user added The stew needs water before being slow-cooked in a slow cooker or crockpot.

Another commenter says "Another poster says, "They're a blessing for me, a working mother of two kids under five." Easy easy dishes my whole family will eat, please!"

"The pricing astonished me. Two dozen shrimp cocktail cost $15, while beef stew cost $30+. Psychotic, "One commenter argues, but others disagree. "Not too pricey. It weighs 5 pounds "user

Taste is important, too. Is the stew pricey? Opinions are divided. "This beef stew sucked. $35 life lesson "Redditor: Another comments, "I added green beans and mushrooms and liked it."

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