Covid Test Recalled Due to False Negative Results

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Kovid is spreading very much in America and its reason can be the gathering of people at functions.

On December 15, Biden said that, "In view of this situation, 4 free Covid test kits can be ordered from one home." 

Instances of Covid-19 have returned in the United States in recent weeks, with approximately 459,000 cases recorded the week of December 7, including nearly 3,000 deaths.

In view of this situation, people are being asked to wear masks again.

Detect this. has recalled its 11000 covid test kit and its reason is to show false result.

The recall affects a total of 11,102 tests that were sent to clients between the dates of July 26 and August 26.

11,102 recalled samples were sent between July 26 and August 26. Detect issues impact lots HB264, HY263, and HY264.

FDA said that, "Due to this the reliability of Covid test kits does not decrease." The company has issued a refund for the recalled test kits.

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