Crankiest Zodiac Sign According to Astrologers

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Aquarius cares more about freedom and time alone than anything else. If you get in their way, they'll be mad at you.

Since they don't like changes to their routines, when their axis is off, it has a big effect on their mood.


Since air controls communication, Geminis get angry when they are misunderstood or ignored. They think too much, but they are smart.


Water signs get cranky when they don't feel emotionally supported. It's important to feed and calm them down because they're more irritable when they're hungry or tired.


They get mad when people think they are hard to talk to because they don't try to act that way. The more angry they get, the less people are talking to them, and so on.


If a Virgo would seem angry, give them space so they can figure out what's going on in their own precise manner. Mercury, which rules Virgos, is in charge of dialogue and the mind.

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This could make Virgos unsure of what to do and nervous. They can change direction quickly, but if they aren't in charge, they may get angry.


Aries are the most crankiest zodiac sign. With just one outburst, you'll think of an Aries as a time bomb.

Fire signs don't like how quick they are to react, but it's hard for them to learn from their mistakes and change.

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