Culver's Sold-Out Burger Returns This Month

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It began as an April Fool's prank in 2021 but became a weird reality in 2022. Culver's "funny" burger became popular due to its unique cheese.

The novelty sold out quickly, so Culver's is bringing it back this autumn.

Culver's Curderburger, a gourmet ButterBurger topped with fried cheese, returns on October 12. "Crown of golden fried cheese" is cheddar. Also lettuce and tomatoes.

The Curderburger's one chance at glory surpassed business expectations. 136,000 Curderburgers were sold in one day last year, establishing a record. Most stores sold out within two hours.

Unfair. How could Culver's tease us with such a delectable creation and then run out? The company ultimately gave customers a second chance to taste the item.

To celebrate, the business will give out Curderburger t-shirts to fortunate admirers.

Upload a picture of your burger or receipt from October 12 to October 31, or while supplies last. Each shop stocks 1,000 curd crowns.

Culver's director of menu development: "We knew we have to bring it back in a much greater manner for 2022."

Culver's is noted for its fresh beef, small batch frozen custard, and Wisconsin cheese curds. 16% of Culver's locations in the U.S. are in Wisconsin.

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