Cutest Small Towns in the Midwest

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The area has gorgeous water vistas, entertaining breweries, and Wisconsin-made cheese from Door Artisan Cheese Company.

1. Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

This charming [neighbourhood] is full of locally owned stores, old-fashioned restaurants, and nostalgia for visitors.

2. Amana Colonies, Iowa

Main Street and High Street Corridor are lined with stores, restaurants, and parks. A pedestrian bridge connects both banks of the Great Miami River.

3. Hamilton, Ohio

Small city size in Beatrice, Nebraska doesn't imply there's nothing to do. The little city in southwestern Nebraska has several activities.

4. Beatrice, Nebraska

Winona has a wonderful small-town main street with stores, caf├ęs, and municipal buildings.

5. Winona, Minnesota

The city sits on the Mississippi River, just across the Wisconsin border, and it's flanked by bluffs, including 500-foot Sugar Loaf.

Brown County Art Colony draws Indiana and Midwest artists. Since 1870, when the colony was founded, Nashville has inspired artists.

6. Nashville, Indiana

Mackinac Island bans motor cars, thus tourists must use horse-and-buggy, walk, or bike to get about.

7. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Frisian Farms Cheese House and Vander Ploeg Bakery & Jaarsma Bakery, Ulrich's Meat Market, and Dutch Fix offer Gouda and Dutch-inspired treats.

8. Pella, Iowa

Augusta, with a population of 200, is a popular stop along the 220 mile Katy Trail.

9. Augusta, Missouri8. Pella, Iowa

Visit the town in early February for the Groundhog Days event, which honours the movie and holiday that made it famous.

10. Woodstock, Illinois

Most Romantic Small Towns In The U.S.

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