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Dairy Queen Has a New Burger at Participating Locations

DQ's new burger is perfect if you prefer to eat something before ice cream. TikTok clip producer shows us their drool-worthy creation and locales. Seeing it makes your stomach grumble.

This massive burger was filled with flavor. You'll need burger-sized napkins to consume it.

Oh my! Looks great. Toasted buns supported this massive construction. Honey BBQ sauce covers the bottom bun. They top a burger patty with white cheddar.

Another white cheddar and burger patty follow. Wow! Crispy smoked applewood bacon tops it.

When assembling the sandwich, two crispy breaded onion rings are topped on the top bun with the house-made Hidden Valley Ranch. Great sandwich!

That was tried immediately. “I work at a DQ and this burger is actually decent, taste-wise.” We knew.

A viewer said, “I do the same thing with jalapeños! Good!” Great concept!

Another viewer said, “I ordered one of them today and they forgot the onion rings.” No, that's the finest. We trust them.

We know our weekend destination. To fit ice cream, we may need to share that massive burger.

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