Dairy Queen Just Dropped A New Dipped Cone Flavor

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A new dipped cone flavour was secretly introduced by Dairy Queen nationwide.

Customers may have spotted a new Churro Dipped ice cream cone option on the menu among the classic Chocolate and Cherry Dipped Cones.

A sweet version of the fried cinnamon sugar delicacy is the Churro Dipped Cone.

Soft-serve ice cream is coated in a churro-flavored coating and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar for DQ's new flavor.

Since the churro-flavored shell solidifies, the ice cream has the trademark churro bite.

A few years ago, Dairy Queen tried their Churro Dipped Cone at limited locations. As they departed from the test menu, no one knew if DQ would introduce them to locations statewide.

Churro Dipped Cones are available at participating Dairy Queen locations nationwide for a limited time.

According to DQ's website, "Before you know it, stopping at your favorite DQ for a Churro Dipped Cone will become a permanent item on this summer's adventure itinerary."

We may assume it will last a few months. For spring's first day, the ice cream company will give away miniature cones and cups.

You can get a complimentary vanilla soft serve cone or cup on March 20 but not the new Churro Dipped Cone. We'll probably visit Dairy Queen.

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