Dangerous Side Effects of Drinking Wine Every Day

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It may disturb your sleep

Drinking alcohol puts you at risk of falling asleep or breaking up in the middle of your sleep.

It can effect your medication

Some drugs and alcohol can cause fatigue, headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Check prescription warnings before drinking wine because it can render antibiotics useless.

breast cancer risk may increase

Daily wine drinking increases your risk of breast cancer and this risk remains even if you drink moderately.

overall cancer risk may increase

If you think that if you do not eat tobacco then you will not get cancer, then you are wrong. Drinking alcohol daily also increases the risk of cancer.

Drinking one bottle of wine a week can increase your lifetime cancer risk by 1% or a little more.

it can increase your heartbeat

Heart disease, mental health concerns, dementia, and cancer can result from binge drinking, which is defined as more than four drinks for women and five for men.

increase your blood pressure

Drinking a glass of wine a day can be healthy for the heart, but drinking more than this will increase your blood pressure levels.

help to increase heart disease

Drinking alcohol causes many heart related diseases like heart failure, heart stroke and heart diseases.

it can be damage your liver

Over time, daily drinking can cause tissue damage or scar tissue of the liver tissue, as well as severe liver, which is an infection of the liver.

it can harm your immune system

Our immune system fights against every disease and drinking wine can spoil it due to which you can come under the grip of many diseases.

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