Dollar Tree Just Stopped Selling Eggs at All Stores

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The budget company stopped selling eggs on March 14 and won't sell them again. Learn why Dollar Tree stopped selling eggs and when they'll come back.

A Feb. 2022 avian flu epidemic caused a countrywide egg scarcity, according to the USDA. Egg prices rose to a record $5 per dozen in January, according to Reuters.

Thankfully, prices dropped 6.7 percent last month. Dollar Tree is still changing despite some respite.

Dollar Tree Inc. informed Reuters that all stores had ceased selling eggs due to high prices. Over 8,000 U.S. and Canadian sites are affected.

The announcement before Easter and Passover, which contain eggs. Eggs will disappear for months: Dollar Tree's spokeswoman expects to offer eggs again in late October.

The representative verified that 8,200 Family Dollar, a Dollar Tree Inc. affiliate, will offer eggs. These stores sell $10 products.

Dollar General sells eggs in approximately 19,000 stores, including some higher-priced items. Eggs are "solid in-stock" at the firm.

Dollar Tree is removing a healthy meal by eliminating eggs. Dollar shops have been criticized for their food options.

So, many towns are protesting dollar store expansions, alleging they displace local, healthier establishments.

Several consumers were happy, but others said the eggs were certainly expired at that price.

Walmart said the Harrodsburg store got an additional egg supply and offered a discount to customers. It was not Walmart's average egg pricing countrywide, the business said.

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