Domino's Pizza Is Losing Clients Due To Price Hikes

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In 2022, Domino's raised its prices and changed some of its best deals, which made customers unhappy.

The chain raised the price of its Mix & Match shipping offer from $5.99 to $6.99 in March 2022. In October, the Mix and Match discount for orders to go was also raised.

The $7.99 carryout deal from Domino's now includes pizza, dip and bread, wings, or both. Domino's cut the number of wings in the deal from 10 to 8, but didn't raise the price.

Now, when you order a pizza to go, you can only get one topping instead of three. This deal is only available online, not in stores or over the phone.

One Reddit user said of the Mix and Match price hike, "Sadly, it's now cheaper for me to buy my favorite pizza than a Domino's pan pizza, so that's what I'm going to do from now on."

"I only bought meals from them sometimes because they had deals like this," said a different Reddit user in a different thread about the changes to the $7.99 carryout deal.

The company's stock dropped by more than 11% after same-store sales did not meet expectations.

Domino's US same-store sales went up 0.9% in the third quarter, which was less than the 3.4% increase that was expected.

In the fourth quarter, deliveries fell by 6.6%. Due to customer loss and a lack of drivers, Domino's sales and delivery times have gone down.

Domino's acknowledged its delivery problems on its most recent earnings call, even though it has added more workers.

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