Doritos Announced A New Bold BBQ Flavor

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Doritos are one of the most popular chip brands in the United States, as seen by their eating stats.

99.67 million Americans ate Doritos in 2020, with 6.65 million eating eight bags. One country cannot consume that many Doritos.

Nacho Cheese Doritos, which first appeared in 1972, are the brand's best-selling flavour.

Cool Ranch, Taco, Salsa Verde, Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch, Tapato, and Poppin' Jalapeo are among the other popular flavours.

Flavors come and go as well. Doritos with Sour Cream and Onion, Late Night All-Nighter Cheeseburger, and Jumpin' Jack Cheese are no longer available.

Doritos will release Sweet and Tangy BBQ in 2023, after Tangy Ranch, Tangy Pickle, and Tangy Tamarind.

Doritos stated in a news release that Sweet and Tangy BBQ Doritos will compete with other barbecue chips in terms of sweetness, tanginess, and spices.

Even in January, Doritos believes it's never too early to start thinking about BBQ.

This flavour is currently available. Doritos' new Sweet & Tangy BBQ flavour is available in 19.375-ounce packages at Sam's Club for $4.48.

The new Doritos flavour will be available at and major retailers. This retailer recommends $5.59.

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