Dove Is Bringing Back '90s With New Molten Lava Filled Chocolates

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Despite their overexposure, molten lava cakes are still delectable. Who doesn't like melted chocolate? Dove agrees. The chocolate firm is releasing bite-sized chocolates based on the nostalgic treat.

This week, Mars, Inc., Dove's parent company, announced Dove Milk Chocolate Molten Lava Caramel. It's part of Dove Promises' colourful foil-wrapped dark and milk chocolates.

Mint swirl, almond, and plain chocolates are available. The Dove Milk Chocolate Molten Lava Caramel lives true to its name.

The dessert-inspired candy will ooze in the middle for a lava cake-like sensation.

Dove may permanently sell these lava cake chocolates. These sweets may replace Hershey's Valentine's Day-only lava cake Kisses as chocolate lovers' favourite.

Chokers, bucket hats, and biking shorts are reviving the '90s. Strangely, many 1990s foods are returning. Molten lava cakes were popular then.

Chocolate lava cakes, today found at Chili's and Domino's, were formerly a high-end treat.

A few years later, a New York City cook accidently created a similar dish by underbaking Valrhona chocolate cupcakes.

This simpler variation with vanilla ice cream made molten lava cake famous in the US.

Lava cakes are rarely found on fine-dining menus, but they nonetheless thrill. A caramel-lava-filled chocolate is still delicious.

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