Dunkin Donuts Is Sued Over Its Allegedly Rigged Mobile App

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The U.S. likes Dunkin', but some haven't liked its app. When a data breach affected over 300,000 consumers and stole tens of thousands of dollars, New York City sued Dunkin' in 2019.

Dunkin' allegedly violated NY cybersecurity laws by failing to inform customers of the breach's severity. Settlement fees and charges cost the corporation $650,000.

A Boston man has filed a class action lawsuit against Dunkin', saying that its app adds upcharges without consumers' knowledge.

He said a coffee on the menu might cost a few cents to a $1 more when paid. Dunkin' coffee was cheaper before.

According to the court papers, Martin Kelledy sued Dunkin' Brands, Inc. & Dunkin' Brand Group Inc. in early 2023.

The Dunkin' app added "undisclosed costs" to his order totals, which were "nowhere itemised or disclosed." Kelledy ordered a Dunkin' coffee and bagel for $6.78, before tax.

The app showed his pre-tax total as $8.03, therefore he was charged $1.25 for a "undisclosed reason."

Dunkin' "denied responsibility" and "made no offer to explain the concealed costs" when Kelledy contacted them, according to the lawsuit.

He also wanted Dunkin' to apologies, pay $25, and explain the "undisclosed costs." Kelledy may not be alone in suspecting price differences.

Last year, a Reddit user inquired if Dunkin' app pickup orders are more pricey.

They said their usual order cost $1.50 more. App-based customers reported a $2 or $3 rise, while one user suspected a problem.

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