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Dunkin' Is Discontinuing Its Most Famous Coffee

Burger King abruptly discontinued the Ch'King, their best chicken sandwich, last summer, disappointing many consumers.

Taco Bell's April Quesarito removal disappointed fast-food fans again last week. Dunkin' is the latest business to remove a fan-favorite item this week.

The company has verified that its locations no longer sell Dunkaccino, a coffee-hot chocolate drink. This covers hot and cold drinks.

"Our menu evolves to provide a rapid, seamless experience as we innovate and delight visitors. The Dunkaccino is retired, although it may comeback "Dunkin' spokeswoman stated.

The Dunkaccino retires after decades of popularity. According to Dunkin's Facebook page, the hot version was released in 2000. From 2015, the frozen version is newer.

In 2011, Al Pacino starred in a false but unforgettable Dunkaccino advertisement in Jack and Jill, which made it a fan favourite.

Customers have been saying Dunkin' no longer sells Dunkaccinos for months, but the coffee and doughnut giant recently confirmed it.

"At Dunkin', I heard they stopped the Dunkaccino "tweeting in July 2022. "I just learned that Dunkin' cancelled the Dunkaccino and I'm very upset," a September 2022 tweet said.

 Last year, Dunkin's subreddit posted an apparent leaked letter listing menu items that will be removed, including the Dunkaccino.

Dunkaccino aficionados may request a similar cocktail with some creativity. Reddit users have proposed ordering a hot chocolate with espresso to emulate Dunkaccino tastes.

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