Dunkin’ Is Quietly Killing 15 Fan-Favorite Menu Items

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After singing that fun song about the beverage in Jack and Jill, Al Pacino must be devastated by this news. Dunkin's site says the "coffee and hot chocolate flavours" drink will be discontinued.

Dunkin's site still lists the Dunkaccino, although it was discreetly removed off menus.

“We constantly update our menu to provide a fast, seamless experience as we innovate and delight visitors. A Dunkin' spokeswoman said the Dunkaccino is retired, but it might return.

As a Reddit user listed Dunkin's discontinued menu items, some may have expected the news.

The now-deleted article appears to be a leaked business document listing 34 "eliminated" things.

The Beyond Sausage Sandwich and Hazelnut Swirl have been discontinued. The Dunkaccino is also on the list, suggesting that the other discontinuations are imminent.

Dunkin's doughnuts, frozen beverages, hot teas, sandwiches, and bakery goods will all be discontinued. Some of them are tough, so sit down.

Dunkin’ may discontinue:

Hibiscus Kiss hot tea
Toasted Almond Flavor Shot
Strawberry Coolatta
Frozen Matcha Latte
Chamomile Fields hot tea

Raspberry Flavor Shot
Everything Bagel Minis
Sesame Seed Bagel
Double Chocolate Donut
Apple Fritter

Powdered Donut
Jelly Donut
Vanilla Creme Donut
Strawberry Cream Cheese

Dunkin' did not say if there will be more discontinuations along with the Dunkaccino's, so it's unclear when they'll go.

Visit your neighborhood coffee and doughnut store soon to enjoy your favorites before they vanish.

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