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Dunkin' Released New Taco Bell-Like Breakfast Tacos

On Taco Tuesday or not, we've all woken up thinking about tacos. Because breakfast tacos exist, this is one of the simpler morning wants to satisfy,

and now Dunkin' makes it even easier to satisfy that Mexican cuisine need. The brand will provide morning tacos, joining Taco Bell and Del Taco.

The coffee shop's newest product, a "spring-forward" combination of scrambled eggs, white cheddar cheese, fire-roasted corn, and a lime crema drizzle,

is folded up in a warm flour tortilla and placed in a "taco holder" for on-the-go eating. Consumers can pay more for bacon crumbs.

Dunkin's new breakfast taco will cost $2.59 without bacon and $2.99 with bacon. The handhelds will be accessible from open to shut, so you won't miss out if you snooze through breakfast.

If you're boycotting Dunkin's for removing fan-favorite menu items, you may be hesitant to try their new morning tacos.

The brand's Chief Marketing Officer calls the handhelds "undoubtedly one of the best savoury things we've debuted at Dunkin'" in a news statement.

One Dunkin subreddit member said the tacos "taste quite decent." Nevertheless, they noted that the tortillas might get chewy, which was also a YouTuber's concern.

Another Redditor found the tacos boring, although spicy sauce can solve that.

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