Easy Ways To Stay Fit Without 'Exercising'

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get sufficient rest

Self-repair requires rest. Good health requires a regular bedtime and seven to eight hours of sleep.

manage your stress

Stress is unhealthy. Meditation, yoga, and Pilates increase brain dopamine and serotonin, reducing stress.

proper breathing techniques

We often unconsciously hold our breath or breathe shallowly during the day. It's unhealthy!

Club Pilates reformer classes begin with breathwork to teach appropriate breathing.

eat body nourishing foods

Staying in shape requires proper nutrition. A balanced plant-based diet. This diet helps digestion and maintains a healthy weight.

Don't forget to stretch

Even if you don't exercise, stretch. Create an easy daily stretch regimen. Benefits are limitless! Stretching improves muscular blood flow and mobility.

Get outdoors

Outdoor activity boosts vitamin D absorption, which increases bone calcium absorption. Walk, hike, or cycle with a friend. Relax with park yoga.

join a fitness community

Community is one of the main reasons my Pilates students return to Club Pilates. Friends make exercise more pleasant! Locate a workout buddy and schedule activities.

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