Effective Ways to Stop Fight With Your Partner

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Use the "I" statements

"I" statements reduce misunderstandings and conflict by minimiszing blaming, condemning, and attacking speech.

It's been said that the initial three seconds of a conversation are the most important since they set the tone for the rest of the exchange.

Explain your feelings freely to your partner

You should make your partner feel that you are listening and understanding them and you can do this by loving the partner's feeling while talking.

Pay attention To your speaking style

It is very important to pay attention to the way you speak, such as your volume and tone.

Any argument may be calmed down by turning down the level and speaking more softly in an effort to prevent the situation from developing further.

apologize without afraid

When you make a mistake then saying sorry is a very good option and you should do it without any fear,

Sometimes arguments escalate because one or both sides refuse to apologise or accept blame. Apologizing may resolve a quarrel if you did anything wrong.

hit the button of pause

To maintain any relation, one should stay away from quarrels and this method is very effective.

Learn to walk away from an argument when in doubt. An quarrel with your significant other can be diffused by just pushing the pause button.

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