Emotionally Immature Women's awful Signs

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don't know how to express feelings

Immature women can't be highly susceptible. They can't even tell themselves how they feel, let alone other people.

Run away instead of facing

If a woman isn't mature enough, she might leave a relationship instead of figuring out how to fix problems.

never compromise

Women who aren't emotionally mature may be soul and not care about other people. Because of how she acts, she might not understand your point of view or how you feel.

always feel needy

In a healthy relationship, the two people spend time with each other, their families and friends, and their own interests.


People who are not mature focus on themselves. They might not think about you when making life choices.

showing aggressive some time

She might be passive-aggressive because she can't say what she wants or how she feels.


Immature women may be dramatic and love drama even when they are angry or furious.

take litle things personally

Rather than assuming they were having a bad day or were late, she takes it personally.

never accept mistakes

She can't even think about making a mistake, let alone saying she's sorry. If you challenge her, she might get angry.

never complaint

People who aren't mature enough might bring up old problems and bad feelings when they argue. This person never forgets or lets things go.

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