Every Zodiac Sign's Love Language

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aries: words of statement

When you love someone, you'll continually express pleasant and uplifting thoughts—making words of encouragement your love language.

taurus: giving gifts

You'll go all out for a loved one's anniversary or birthday celebration since you enjoy sentimental and romantic stuff.

gemini: words of statement

Ultra-social Geminis are curious and fun in relationships. Your spouse will never question what you think because communication is the key to connecting.

cancer: service acts

You might be one of the most kind and compassionate zodiac signs if you open out. This sign's love language is nurturing. Cancer loves selflessly and puts your needs first.

leo: spending quality time

 You're confident and flirtatious, but when you fall in love, you'll want to show off your spouse. Sharing the spotlight with someone special is romantic to you since you're used to it.

virgo: touching

Virgos are known as perfectionists, yet in love, you open yourself. Even if they hide it, Virgos are emotional. They show affection by touching and making you feel better.

libra: giving gits

You want to make people happy and show you care about their thoughts and preferences. Gifts show your affection.

scorpio: touching

You have the biggest romantic desire because physical contact keeps the flame alive and shows closeness.

sagittarius: spending quality time

Sagittarius is unusual in partnerships. This is an independent indication, therefore if they wish to take you on their adventures, you know they adore you.

capricorn: service acts

Capricorns love through supporting their companion. Though you don't like public shows of affection, you'll do your best for your partner.

Aquarius: spending quality time

When you settle down, you want to include your spouse in your daily life and showcase them. You'll go on romantic dates and shopping together.

pisces: words of statement

Being one of the most sensitive signs, you may easily exhibit your emotions and pick up on your partner's. You give fantastic compliments.

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