Exclusive Trick To Making A True Sofrito

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Exceptional sofritos are powerful. Become familiar with "soffritto," "mirepoix," and "refogado" in Italy, France, and Portugal. Sofrito is essential.

Take Puerto Rican cuisine. That's your stew, meat, rice, and bean basis. It's fantastic and always the basis. Puerto Rican cuisine, indeed.

The "Next Level Chef" contestant's sofrito dish was the social media chef's first popular TikTok video. Making sofrito seems easy.

"Cilantro, cilantro, garlic, onions, Puerto Rican sweet peppers or aji dulce and [green or red] bell peppers" comprise it. Blending components correctly creates the right texture.

Don't puree vegetables while making a sofrito. Keep these veggies chunky.

For a "perfect sofrito," chop your vegetables "before dumping them into your food processor."

Quarter them instead of dicing or throwing them. That's to reduce room in the food processor and make vegetable breakdown less watery. Don't overcorrect either.

Usually, people would mix all the onions or cilantro. Sofritos rely on how the food processor blends the components.

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