Face Reading And Your Face Personality

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What Is Face Reading?

Face reading is natural. We instinctively know our parents within hours after birth. Physiognomy, commonly termed "personology," was initially organized by the ancient Romans.

What Is Your Face Personality?

Most of us have oval, diamond, square, rectangular, or heart-shaped faces. Even more interesting, some research reveals that facial form may reveal personality.

So, what do the shapes reveal about your personality? What kind of personality does your face portray? A general outline is provided on next slides:

Diamond shape

Pointed at the chin and forehead, wide in the middle.

Good communicator, natural leader, Midas touch, detail-oriented

Oval shape

Face is more long than wide, the jaw is narrower than the cheekbones.

Overachievers, methodical, practical, great communicators

Square shape

Wide forehead, strong jawline

High-energy, project-oriented, witty, analytical, calm leaders

Heart shape

Wide forehead, narrow chin

Creative, sweet, intuitive, pushy, energetic

Triangle shape

Narrow forehead, wide jawline

Artistic, sensitive, fiery, successful, determined

Rectangle shape

Long, squared at forehead and chin

Intelligent, planners, strategic, tense

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