Fast-Food Restaurants That Serve the Best Chili

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Wendy's famous chilli includes its distinctive beef, hearty veggies, chilli beans, and delicious seasonings, according to company website.


The company uses leftover hamburger meat to save money and reduce food waste, just like Dave would have wanted.

A&W's chilli is called "coney sauce" because it covers a natural-casing beef frankfurter and is topped with onions, like Coney Island's Coney dogs.


Coney sauce is a topping resembling chilli. The chain's chilli hot dogs and chilli cheese fries satisfy customers without a bowl of chilli.

 Customers can order chili as a side (in a cup or bowl) or on top of any menu item, including onion rings and steakburgers.

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

As Culver's grew, chili became a permanent menu item. The thick, delicious side dish can be eaten alone, with hot dogs or French fries, or "Supreme" with sour cream, cheese, and onions.


Wienerschnitzel's "World's Most Desired Wiener" is rarely served without toppings. Wienerschnitzel's chilli doesn't have beans, which sets it apart from the others on this list.


Panera makes nutritious turkey chili and broccoli cheddar soup. It's low in calories—300 per bowl and 180 each side—and high in fibre.

Panera Bread

Dark-meat turkey, chickpeas, kidney beans, edamame, carrots, cilantro, cumin, and lime make Panera's Turkey Chili a flavour explosion. It's a fan favorite.

The chain's Chili 5-Way is spaghetti with chili, additional chili meat, shredded cheddar, Jack cheese, and diced onions—a Midwestern favorite!

Steak 'N Shake

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