Food King Charles Banned From Royal Menus

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Former royal chef Darren McGrady told Today in 2017 about the royal family's favourite cuisine. Kate likes curry and sticky toffee pudding. Queen Elizabeth liked chocolate biscuit cake with tea.

The royal eating regimen bans certain foods and components. The queen like her steak well-done, not rare. Her Majesty banned starchy carbohydrates, seafood, garlic, and sandwich crusts.

The queen has died, though. Great Britain, 14 other nations, and Buckingham Palace have a new monarch.

New orders for household workers, including royal cooks, will follow. Since before he was king, Charles has run the royal kitchens. Here's the snack he banned a decade ago.

Foie gras is duck or goose liver. French for "fatty liver" It can be made as pâtés, terrines, pies, or seared pieces with toast points and jams, compotes, or syrups.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund says many people object to the force-feeding method that causes this liver to expand many times its usual size.

The ALDF alleges it can cause beak and throat problems and make birds so heavy that their legs couldn't sustain them.

Some don't find foie gras manufacturing horrifying. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt sees a farm that cares for its animals on Serious Eats.

New king dislikes foie gras. Charles considered removing a royal warrant from a foie gras business. He's banned the French delicacy from Buckingham Palace.

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