Foods King Charles Eats Every Day

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As Prince of Wales, King Charles III was rumoured to travel with his own toilet seat and to prefer the perfect egg. The now-King of England is highly picky about his meals.

King Charles is a gourmand who wanted to know where his food came from when he was Queen Elizabeth II's chef.

Like his mother, Charles is a picky eater. Prince Phillip's daily routine was just as rigid as Queen Elizabeth's; he lived to 99.

King Charles has good genes and knows how to eat well. He has culinary idiosyncrasies and current habits that his parents didn't have.

King Charles believes food should be in season and organic before discussing his daily diet.

Everything was garden-based. I might eat asparagus three or four times a week when in season. Asparagus or strawberries in December?

Charles skips meat two days a week and dairy one. He reportedly replied, "If more did that, you'd remove a lot of pressure."

When Charles was Prince, he ate a nutritious breakfast every morning.

It commonly featured fresh fruit, muesli or another whole grain mixed with seeds soaked in fruit juice, and tea. He liked poached garden plums with muesli.

King Charles makes up for lost time at dinner. His favourite supper, grilled lamb with wild mushroom risotto, features Balmoral wild mushrooms.

He also cooked his own wild game. His grouse moussaka was called groussaka.

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