French Fries Chain That Beats McDonald’s

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Mickey D's fries have a cult following. They're OK, but millions love them.

If you think of fast food fries, you probably imagine McDonald's. McD's cheeseburger is tastier.

Carl's Jr.

Carl's fries lack salt and potato flavour but have a pleasant crunch.

The greater the crunch, the more likely you are to experience pure nirvana as you watch steam emerge from the fry you just bit into. Stunning.

Burger King

The King's fries are excellent. Neon-yellow French fries aren't appetising. Golden brown, not Big Bird.


We enjoy dipping fries in our shakes. It's a joy. Shake-dunking fries requires structural stability. Sonic dominates here.

Sonic's fries are undersalted yet huge and thick enough for dipping. Perfect shake consistency helps. Salt your potatoes and go to work.


Wendy's fries are always a letdown, despite their success with bacon. These fries are insipid, undersalted, and fragile.

Bad fries may spoil a dinner, particularly if you want to dip them in the restaurant's greatest shake.

Jack in the Box's curly fries

Jack in the Box's curly fries are great. Because they're curled up, the fries remain hotter and crunchier than a regular fast restaurant French fry.

Perfectly salted, they dip wonderfully in a shake (The curl almost helps simulate a chips and salsa situation). Hail Jack!

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