Frozen Raspberries Recalled in 9 States Due To Hepatitis Risk

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Frozen raspberries are a kitchen saviour. They may improve your breakfast smoothies or baked products without the short shelf life of fresh ingredients.

However, the FDA has recalled one brand of frozen raspberries in nine states owing to a significant hepatitis risk. Check your freezer for affected items.

Freezing leftovers and favourite foods might extend their shelf life. As recent recalls have proven, store frozen foods may be recalled.

Zingerman's Creamery in Michigan discontinued Paw Paw and Harvest Pumpkin Gelato on Oct. 26.

After the firm altered its recipes without updating their packaging, the government cautioned that the items may contain undeclared egg—a recognised food allergen—due to "human error or mislabeling."

On Nov. 9, Menu19 LLC recalled just over 5,000 pounds of frozen beef dumpling items from the savoury side of the freezer aisle.

The firm removed its 1.5-pound cartons with 12 pieces of "Mantu menu 19" from shelves because they were made "without the benefit of federal inspection" and without a USDA stamp.

James Farms recalled 1,260 frozen raspberries on December 3. Restaurant Depot and Jetro shops in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts,

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Virginia sell 10-pound cartons containing two 5-pound bags.

The recalled items have "Product of Chile" labels and "best if used by" dates of June 14, 2024. Packaging bears UPC 76069501010 on top and lot code CO 22-165 on bottom.

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