Guilty Pleasure Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Sleeping in late

Even someone as dedicated as you needs a vacation to unwind and recharge, so you sleep all weekend with your phone on "do not disturb."

Taurus: Shopping online

After a hard day, you can't resist late-night internet shopping. You work hard, so why not buy yourself some new shoes (and a purse, a book, etc.)

Gemini: Ordering takeout

After a hard day, you lack the energy to cook. You probably order your favourite comfort meal for supper and watch Netflix when you get home.

Cancer: Binging reality TV

This gives you time to relax and watch reality TV dramas and celebrity gossip shows. Popcorn, please!

Leo: Getting dressed up

You can still have a spa night at home. You'll blast music, dress up, and snap photos. Being the focus of attention requires no invitation.

Virgo: Social media searching

After hours of cyber-sleuthing, nothing gets you happier than finding a key piece of information or juicy gossip.

Libra: Eating dessert before dinner

Libra, you're friendly. Your easygoing personality and sense of humour help, but you also consider others' needs and maintain fairness.

Scorpio: Eavesdropping

You can't resist eavesdropping at lunch or people-watching in the park. As long as you don't use the knowledge, your secret is secure if you pry into others' business.

Sagittarius: Calling in sick

Sagittarians adore travel and independence, so they're often on the go. You take chances because of your self-confidence and drive to succeed.

Capricorn: Buying things you don't "need"

Restrictive lifestyle gets old soon. So, stop considering every "frivolous" purchase as a waste of money or a mistake and start rewarding yourself sometimes.

Aquarius: Playing your music way too loud

As one of the major ways you express yourself, it's no wonder you get lost in the beat, playing your guitar or singing loudly.

Pisces: Having many hobbies at once

Because a guilty pleasure is still a joy, allow yourself to have several hobbies and not feel bad about how you relax.

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