Hair colors that make hazel eyes stand out easily

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Dark brown

If you have hazel eyes, choosing a rich, dark brown hair colour can draw attention to the different shades of brown in your eyes.

Dark brown hair provides contrast to your hair and makes the green color a little faded.

Warm golden

Warm golden color give your eyes a complete beautiful look. This warm golden color can melt easily with your eyes color perfectly.

Daring green

If you have hazel eyes and want to try out different colors for your hair, green is a fun and flattering choice than you can go for green color, it can make you more attractive.

Soft light brown

Most brown-haired women with hazel eyes look beautiful. In addition to dark brown hair, light brown hair brings out the colour of the hazel eyes.

 Lily Collins's hazel eyes and light brown hair also add to her famously charming and young look.

Trendy or auburn

If you have hazel eyes and desire red hair, try copper. When you have that uncommon combination of brown and

green hints in your eye colour, a more subtle auburn or copper tone will make your eyes sparkle. Brighter reds may overpower you.

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