Halloween Ice Cream Is Coming Back After Two-Years

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From Halloween through Christmas, every day is filled with pranks, treats, and thanksgiving pies.

As the holidays near, you may look forward to the return of your favourite sweets and seasonal treats. In September, Costco captured the attention of customers with Halloween hot cocoa bombs.

What other horrifying meals are waiting in the kitchen? That question can be answered by popular ice cream.

The new Halloween-themed Dippin' Dots flavour is called Spookies 'N Cream. The company is bringing it back just in time for Halloween.

After a two-year hiatus, Dippin' Dots is bringing back their Halloween candy. Only in the year 2022 can you get your hands on this ice cream.

The official Dippin' Dots website describes the flavour as "orange vanilla ice cream with pieces of Oreo cookie." Yes, please give us a full case of Oreos.

The tasty treat is available for purchase at certain Dippin' Dots locations and online.

Until October 31st, you can take advantage of Dippin' Dots"spooktacular' online promotion.

If you use the promo code "hallo13," you'll save 13%. Want, need, demand ice cream made with Ultimate Brownie Batter.

Halloween candies top Dairy Queen's fall blizzards. Halloween treats include Snickers Brownie and Reese's Take Five Blizzards. Ice cream and pizza are appreciated.

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