High-Maintenance Zodiac Sign According To Astrologers

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Scorpios are secretive and untrusting, which makes them difficult to date.

When they find a good reason to act on their possessive or jealous inclinations, they won't stop.


They desire a mate that shares their ambition and determination.

They prioritize money and achievement and won't stop until they and their spouse succeed. Having a Capricorn boss is stressful, but dating one is draining.


This aggressive and arrogant fire sign lives on being the most liked and respected person in the room, thus they have no problem demanding and enforcing the rules.

They want full attention in relationships, which might make their partner feel ignored or resentful.


Tauruses are "crazy with all things luxurious." They only feel worthy in the greatest clothes. Hence, Taurus' expectations will challenge friends, family, and future mates.


Virgos often beg for aid and then criticise their partners. They're picky and can't stand slackers.


They're possessive, insecure, and oversensitive. Their partner's late response might upset them. Cancer gets agitated even if their companion is working.

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