How Long Does Coffee Creamer Last?

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Buying a certain brand of creamer may make a difference. The shelf life of your creamer will be specified on the label; some last only a few days, while others might keep for several months.

Most of the time, powdered creamer will have a longer shelf life than liquid creamer, and if the container hasn't been opened, the powdered creamer will last even longer.

However, you shouldn't take chances with your creamer because consuming spoiled creamer might make you unwell.

The package of most coffee creamer will have a "best if used by" date on it. About two years is the norm here.

This is not the same as the date of expiry. Expiration dates, as the name implies, indicate the last day a product may be used before it is no longer safe to consume.

Although it's preferable to avoid poor coffee creamer altogether, you might be able to get away with drinking creamer that's over its best-by date but not its expiry date.

Coffee creamer has to be kept in a dark, dry area away from the light. The creamer will go bad faster if refrigerated, even if it hasn't been opened.

Even while it would be ideal to use the creamer on the same day it was purchased, we recognise that this is not always possible.

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