How long does raw chicken last in the freezer?

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The quality and flavor of frozen chicken components might decrease faster than you think after nine months in a conventional freezer and a year for entire birds.

Chicken may be frozen for two months before losing flavor and texture.

If you have a high-tech freezer that can be set to 0 °F or below, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services says you may preserve poultry or other frozen foods indefinitely.

Properly packaged and kept raw chicken may last indefinitely. Never freeze anything longer than two months. After that, taste and texture degrade greatly.

If chicken is constantly frozen before use, it can be eaten eternally assuming it was not contaminated and treated properly before freezing.

Raw chicken may be frozen for a year without degrading. Your frozen poultry is freshest in the first two to three months.

Following that, expect a subpar chicken supper. After nine months, skip cooking and get takeout or groceries.

Tip: The easiest technique to prevent chicken freezer burn is to make sure the packaging has no rips or air bubbles. Home vacuum-seal machines or hand pumps are best.

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