How to Create Large Knotless Box Braids

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Blow drying your hairs before beginning to braid it can ensure smooth braids with less tangling.

Blow-out your hair first

To avoid breaking and broken ends, just remember to spritz on a heat protectant beforehand.

You may dye your braided hair whatever hue you choose, whether it complements your skin tone.

Add a pop of color

Add depth to your braids by feeding them in with this style.

To add depth to your braids, take strands of different colours.

If you buy kanekalon packets that have not yet stretched.

Stretch and prep your braiding hair

Stretch them out by pulling just on end in little increments, and then comb a medium - sized round brush through them.

All you need is a hat that is a little bit larger than usual and has an adjustable strap.

Protect your braids at bedtime

 This will keep your hair in place while you rest.

By pulling the ends in tiny groups, they may be lengthened.

Stretch and prep your braiding hair

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