how to  dyeing gray hair at home

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If you want to colour your hair, you should always do a strand test beforehand. Guarantees you get the exact shade you request.

Once you have the suitable strand of hair, you may trial the colour on a tiny area, wait the specified length of time, and assess the results.

Choose the right shade

Because it contains less of the body's natural oils, grey hair is typically more brittle and harsh than the hair a somebody had when they were younger. 

Blend 25% of a natural shade with 75% of the desired shade to "keep the colour balanced, even, and natural seeming" on grey hair.

safe your floor and counters

To avoid dye discolouration, cover the countertops and walls in the area you intend to dye in before beginning the dyeing.

After you've completed the necessary preparations, you can begin the colouring process, whether you want to lighten your hair or give it a new, deeper colour for the upcoming winter.

Remember that less is more

If your hair is good looking then you don't need to use do full dye.

Process color for the full time 

After dyeing, you should not remove it before its timing. If this happens then you will not get the color you want.

brows match your hair color

Before coloring, you should check thoroughly whether the color of your eyebrows matches with your hair color or not.

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