How to Let Your Gray Hair Air Dry

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take a shower first

Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner on your grey hair to improve its appearance. This will prevent the colour from fading or fading.

Use your wide-tooth comb

While drying in the air, a wide-tooth comb is necessary. With curly hair, it's best to use conditioner while in the shower, rather than after.

Get out of the shower and grab a wide-tooth comb. Brushing or combing wet grey hair might cause it to break.

Please Invest in these products

Oils, creams, and leave-in conditioners work best for air-drying grey hair. Moisturizing creams make grey hair appear its best.

When your grey hair is dry, the moisture from these treatments will bring out its natural shine.

Always Use a microfiber towel

Gray haircare requires a microfiber cloth. Because they absorb more water than terry cloth or cotton bath towels, they are suited for hair drying.

This is particularly essential for grey hair, which, in comparison to hair of other hues, has a tendency to be drier and more brittle.

Please Leave your hair alone

After microfiber towel-blotting your hair, leave it alone. Air drying is ideal without touching.

Compress the hair and let it dry. Touching it increases its flyaways. Brush it to finish after a few hours.

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