How You Act on a First Date Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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On a first date, you don't worry about being yourself. You'll almost certainly tease and compete with your date. You're simply having fun, Aries.


You ask thoughtful questions and don't hurry into getting to know someone. You regard love as a fine wine that improves with age. You're a patient person.


You enjoy pushing individuals out of their comfort zone to test whether you're compatible, and you're not afraid to share your own opinions.


Cancers prefer to drive the conversation on a first date, probing for vital facts and gladly sharing. Family, friends, hobbies, interests, and other information will be requested.


Leos are devoted lovers. You're a dynamic and passionate person who makes first dates fun. Leo, you like falling in love and expect your suitor to do the same.


Virgos are careful and dutiful in serious relationships, and you feel that the other person has to earn that. You may look distant at first.


Libra is the sign of lovers, thus you're a hopeless romantic. You prefer casual dating and allowing your feelings to evolve. You never rush love.


You enjoy intimate relationships and can determine whether you like someone right away. You're always there if someone's story surprises you.


You enjoy relaxed first dates. There will be time to be serious later. You enquire about your date's interests and pals to understand more about them.


On a first date, you should be courteous and aim to impress. You appreciate hard work, don't play games, and aren't afraid to commit.


Aquarius is the ruler of relationships, thus you usually plan the date. You'll go to any length to impress someone who dazzles you.


Pisces prefer persons that are emotionally accessible. On a first date, you forgo casual conversation in favour of deeper discussions.

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