Impressive Traits Of A Sigma Female Personality

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Sigma women need freedom. They like their way. Sigma women don't fare well in vertical workplaces.

always with family and friends

Sigma women put quality over quantity when it comes to their friendships. Kids don't need a lot of friends to feel loved and safe. Instead, they value close friendships.

Not Trendy

Most women with this kind of personality don't care much about fashion.


If so, she might be a sigma, which is usually a mysterious person. Nothing weird. Sigmas aren't mean, but they are mysterious because they don't show who they are.


The difference between sigma and alpha women is that alpha women want to lead. The second group wants it, but the first group does not.

Can Be Intimidating

Sigmas may be scary because they are stubborn and say what they think. Once you get to know them, they aren't too strong.


Sigmas might be the most outspoken type of woman. She doesn't say she's sorry when she says what she means.

Takes Risks

Sigma women are reckless and like to take the road less travelled. They're not afraid to leave jobs or relationships that seem safe.

Not Judgmental

Get to know a Sigma girl if you want to see Non judgmentalism in action. They're very good at accepting people for who they are.

Not Pushover

Even if it is dangerous, a good woman will stick up for herself. She doesn't like being insulted either. They are simple.

Most Common Neutral Personality Traits

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