Jack In The Box Is Adding Popcorn Chicken To the menu

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Fried chicken is on more fast-food menus than ever. Burger King and Wendy's have grown as big on chicken as beef, so you no longer have to go to Popeyes or KFC for breaded chicken.

Jack in the Box offers a variety of foods. Chicken, burgers, and tacos among the chain's specialties.

It debuted in 1951 and has over 2,200 locations nationwide. It also offers breakfast all day, unlike McDonald's.

Popcorn chicken was added to Jack in the Box's menu in 2020. The company has brought popcorn chicken back on the menu.

Jack in the Box has reintroduced popcorn chicken back to play with fans' emotions. Popcorn chicken was briefly offered in 2021 and 2022.

The chicken may be either hot or ordinary in 2023. The chicken alone costs $6, while a combination meal costs $8, but prices vary by location.

KFC's popcorn chicken combination was removed from the menu shortly before the transfer.

Since KFC reduced its popcorn chicken menu, Jack in the Box may have launched it as a marketing strategy.

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