James Corden Is Unbanned From NYC Restaurant

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Keith McNally said on Instagram Monday that he has banned British comedian James Corden from his restaurant Balthazar for allegedly unpleasant conduct toward waiters and employees.

James Corden is a "hugely skilled comic, but a small Cretin of a guy," said Balthazar owner Keith McNally in defence of his workers.

"Today I 86'd Corden. Not funny "Continued: "86'd" is a typical restaurant word for removing a dish or refusing service.

Corden instantly saw the Instagram post and restaurant ban. McNally posted an addendum less than eight hours later saying Corden "apologised profusely."

"...anyone who apologises to a deadbeat like me (and my crew) shouldn't be removed. Balthazar. Jimmy Corden, return to the 5 & Dime. Forgiveness, "update

Keith McNally was once called the "Restaurateur Who Invented Downtown" by The New York Times. His social media influence is growing. What started this celebrity food fight?

McNally's original article mentions two Corden events at Balthazar. First, Corden noticed a hair in his dinner in June.

"Balthazar manager G. apologised when Corden showed him the hair. Corden was awful." McNally says Corden demanded "another round of drinks" and threatened to "write terrible reviews" online.

"Mrs. Corden requested an egg yolk, gruyere, and salad omelette. James phoned their server, M. K., and informed her there was egg white in the egg yolk "Explains McNally.

McNally says Corden calmed down after a visit from the restaurant manager and some champagne, but "M.K. (the server) was really disturbed but finished her shift."

Recently, the restaurateur defended Woody Allen and praised Roman Polansky. Allen's daughter Dylan Farrow accuses him of child abuse; Polanski was prosecuted with statutory rape in 1979.

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