KFC Announces Fresh Hand-Breaded Chicken Nuggets

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Starting next week, Colonel Sanders will challenge McDonald's and Chick-fil-chicken A's nuggets.

KFC's new Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets debut at participating locations statewide on March 27.

The nuggets' nationwide premiere follows last year's successful but restricted test run.

The premium nuggets are 100% white flesh chicken and hand-breaded using KFC's Original Recipe, bringing the chain's bone-in chicken tastes to the new nuggets.

The chief marketing officer of KFC United States remarked, "As the original fried chicken specialists,

we're releasing a chicken nugget produced the way only KFC can hand-breaded with our signature Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices."

Simply said, you've never tasted chicken nuggets like these—they're America's chicken nugget and worth the wait."

The Mac & Cheese Bowls, another favourite menu item, will return on April 3 for a limited period. The hot Mac & Cheese Bowls will also return with KFC's Nashville Hot sauce.

In 2019, KFC introduced the bowls, and three years later, they returned. In those previous limited debuts, the Mac & Cheese Bowls were

topped with crunchy popcorn chicken bits and extra cheese. Instead of popcorn chicken, KFC's new chicken nuggets top the bowl this time.

Last month, a KFC official said that the popcorn chicken combination will be withdrawn. KFC's Famous Bowls still had popcorn chicken until the nuggets arrived.

The new nuggets will cost $3.49 and the Mac & Cheese Bowls $5. KFC sells five-piece, eight-piece, 12-piece, and 36-piece nuggets, therefore prices vary by location and amount of nuggets.

While waiting for the nuggets and Mac & Cheese Bowls, consumers can have the controversial Double Down sandwich, which returned to menus on March 6.

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