KFC Brought Back The Popular Double Down 

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We love to hate KFC. Since the batter tastes so excellent, at least one of those 11 herbs and spices must be magic.

Busy people, especially parents, love the buckets of chicken. KFC fulfils a hunger that Chick-Fil-A, Church's, and Raising Cane's don't.

The 2010 Double Down sold 10 million copies in its first month. Why did a chicken sandwich spawn a cult following and an army of critics? 

On the Double Down's first day back, we went to KFC to see if it lived up to the expectations or was put to bed for a cause.

Because sandwiches have bread, the Double Down is hard to label a sandwich. This "sandwich" lacks grain unless you regard the chicken's breading as a bun.

Several slices of hickory-smoked bacon and two cheese slices—likely white American—are sandwiched between the chicken chunks. The Double Down can be either plain or spicy.

With $10 and an insatiable fast food desire, the Double Down is not the best choice. Our KFC sandwich costs $8.99 + VAT.

We spent $19.42 for two a la carte chicken sandwiches, which would be plenty for a week at other drive-through businesses.

If you're hungry, make the Double Down a combo—only it's $3 extra for the medium meal.

We weren't expecting to receive two chicken fillets and two slices of bacon for the same price as McDonald's chicken chip.

Yet, the Double Down fills up quickly, so appetite and pocketbook must match to avoid wasting this almost $10 fast food sandwich.

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