KFC Is Bringing Back Its Most Viral Sandwich

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Ever since, that A double Down has only been sold as a seasonal item in Italy, Canada, and New Zealand.

KFC said on Wednesday that the Double Down would be back for four weeks starting on March 6.

Like it was before, pieces of KFC's fried chicken "sandwich" with cheese, bacon, kimchi, and mayo or spicy sauce. In some countries, this sauce is replaced by gravy.

KFC said in a news release that the Double Down is one of the most talked-about fast food items ever.

After almost a decade of requests, we're embracing the chaos and bringing back our most famous sandwich for four weeks.

KFC tweeted "we love your double down commitment" and "we're drooling too" to hundreds of thousands of individuals who claimed that they had been waiting "literally years" for this moment.

The very first 2,014 individuals to register on kfcdoubledowndrop.com on March 2 will get the sandwich early on Sunday, March 5.

The Double Down works, but most promotions don't last long.

They are part of a long history of companies making weird new pairings of fast food and snack foods by adding cheese, meat, layers, sauces, or Doritos for crunch and flavour.

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