KFC Menu Tries a New Kind of Meat Item

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On Tuesdays, you can get a $4.99 Chicken Fried Steak Meal at some KFC locations across the country.

Gravy, mashed potatoes, a biscuit, and coleslaw come with the country-fried steak meal. This limited-time offer is only available in KFC stores.

There is no chicken in Chicken Fried Steak. Fried chicken-style beefsteak. Last year, KFC had a $5.99 Wednesday deal.

The price used to be $4.99 or $3.99! This offer is only good for a short time, but it might come back at a different price.

KFC had to change their menu to make room for more items. KFC no longer has popcorn chicken. Popcorn chicken will be changed to chicken nuggets that are bigger.

This change was tested in Charlotte, North Carolina, and will be made all over the country as other menu items run out. Popcorn chicken is going away.

KFC is also getting rid of its chocolate chip cookies, chicken wings, strawberry lemonade, and Nashville Hot Sauce.

One KFC franchisee says that taking these items off the menu has cut delivery times by almost 10 seconds, which may not seem like much but is a big deal for fast food.

KFC has brought Chicken Wraps back. People asked KFC to bring back the wraps, so they did.

Customers should order Chicken Fried Steak Meals and chicken wraps while the deals are still available, since the wraps are also only available for a limited time.

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