KFC's Hot & Crispy Boneless
is Back

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Prepare your greasy hands, for The Colonel is bringing back a seasonal favourite just in time for Summer.

KFC has confirmed the return of Hot & Crispy Boneless, following the success of its $1 Zinger Burger and Twista wrap promotion for left-handed people.

You may start stuffing hot chicken into your mouth without worrying about suffocating on a bone the first Tuesday in November. This is fantastic.

This newest news comes after a year of reversals and releases from the poultry restaurant, including the Tower Burger and the legendary degustation menu.

However, the return of the Hot & Crispy Boneless option to the KFC menu is what true fans are talking about.

Fans of chicken all throughout the country launched a passionate campaign demanding the return of the 2021 menu item after it was withdrawn from retailers.

The Hot & Crispy Boneless is delivered boneless and in a golden crispy coating with a healthy dose of heat. Additionally, it will be offered as a three-piece snack.

While the New Zinger Box, which has the Zinger Burger, two pieces of Hot & Crispy Boneless, Potato & Gravy, chips, and a drink, is perfect for those in need of a more substantial meal.

If you want boneless, spicy food, head to KFC tomorrow, November 1, when Hot & Crispy Boneless will be available. Ladies, chick-on!

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