KFC's Just Launched New Snack Wraps

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KFC has replied to hungry social media followers' requests for wraps.

Following a successful trial run in Atlanta in 2022, KFC debuted the Classic Chicken Wrap and Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap for a limited time this week.

These wraps were inspired by the KFC Twister wrap from the 2000s. Crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato, and mayo were included in the Twister wrap. There are still two foreign versions available.

Due to popular demand, fried chicken wraps have returned. The new snack wraps cost $5 for two or $7.99 when accompanied by a side and a drink. Pepsi's new Starry flavour is also available at KFC.

In a heated tortilla, one Extra Crispy Tender is topped with "crunchy" pickles and mayo. In a heated tortilla, one Extra Crispy Tender is topped with "crunchy" pickles and mayo.

Fortunately, this wrap tasted better. Through the breading, the 11 herbs and spices in the chicken tingled my taste. Despite the irregular spacing, the pickles remain crisp and acidic.

A chicken tender is included in the spicy KFC wrap. In a warm tortilla, it features the chain's slaw, pickles, and spicy sauce.

Because the tender was thicker, but still grey, the spicy wrap looked better than the usual. Freshly cooked meaty tenders should be used by KFC.

The pickle and slaw were visible. Because of the spicy sauce, one taster felt this wrap to be very hot.

This wrap's conclusion, like the previous one, was largely folded tortilla. Freshly prepared wraps would have been preferable.

They look little and unimaginative. It's as though KFC wrapped whatever was on hand. It's remarkable that they needed so much testing when they're made using store-bought items except tortillas.

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